Update Version 9.2.2 vom 23.03.2017

* Sophos Anti-Virus replaced with Kerio Antivirus which is based on the Bitdefender antivirus engine
– Fixed: Stability issue, Kerio Control was unresponsive
– Fixed: was displayed instead of IP address of IPSec VPN client
– Fixed: HTTP cache could not be eraseed
– Fixed: Application detection didn’t work with HTTP Header “Content-Type”
– Fixed: Invalid certificate was created by HTTPS filtering

Update Version 9.2.1 vom 24.01.2017
+ Geoip filtering – added possibility to block incoming connection based on country of origin
* Significant performance improvements
* x86-64 architecture – 64-bit CPU is now supported
* IPsec VPN tunnel ciphers can be configured in administration
* Login guessing protection is now enabled by default
* Changed closed/reset connection timeout
– Samepage.io backup option removed
– Fixed: VPN client prompts user to accept valid certificate
– Fixed: VPN client DNS issues when 2-Step verification was enabled but not performed

Update Version 9.1.1 vom 23.08.2016
* Added Abhilfe für durch Safesearch gebrochen bestimmte Dienste
* Aktualisierte Zeitzonen
* Nicht bestehende Host-Namen wurden nie in die IP-Adresse Gruppe aktualisiert

  • Update Version 9.1.0 vom 14.06.2016
    + Added Application Awareness
    + Added configuration files backup to MyKerio
    + Kerio Control can now upgrade automatically in given time interval
    + Added SafeSearch
    * The static IP address assigned to a VPN client is now enforced, only one client is allowed

  • Update Version 9.0.3
    – Samba Update Adressierung CVE- 2016-2118
    – Fixed: EDNS0 Antwort wurde nicht richtig abgeschnitten
    – Fixed: VMware quiescence einfrieren das Gerät unter Umständen
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